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Danielle Frey, NCTMB

certified massage therapist

805 S Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46225


Cancellations: I understand things come up and sometimes you need to cancel,  please give 12 hours notice.  With less notice you are subject to a cancellation fee.

Any inappropriate behavior will result in the termination of the session. Payment in full will be required, and legal action will follow.

Before your Appointment:

You can print the health history form to make better use of your appointment time.  Bring the completed form to your appointment. 

Make sure you are well hydrated.  Drink plenty of water before and after your appointment.  Staying hydrated will help prevent any unnecessary soreness after your massage

What to expect at your appointment:

Preliminary Information Your therapist will discuss your health history, and why you are there today to help plan your session and meet your specific needs.

Removing Clothing

·      Before your massage, you’ll be asked to remove clothing to your level of comfort.

·      The therapist will leave the room while you undress and remove any jewelry or other articles that might interfere with the massage. Take off only as much as you are comfortable removing.

·      Keep in mind that your massage will be most effective when the massage therapist can touch your skin in areas they will massage.

·      Lay on the massage table, underneath the provided sheet, which will cover your body except for the part being massaged.

The massage table The massage table is padded, and has a face rest, which allows you to lie facedown without turning your head or neck.

The environment Expect a peaceful and comfortable environment for the massage. Music will be playing during the massage. If you prefer silence or different music, ask the massage therapist to turn off or change the music.

The massage

·      Oil or lotion will be used, which reduces drag on the skin. If you have allergies or sensitivities, let your massage therapist know before your massage begins

·      Depending on your needs, the massage therapist will massage either the full body (except for private areas) or only specific areas that need attention, such as especially tight muscles.

·      Remember to breathe normally.

·      A typical table massage session is usually a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes.

The end of the massage The massage therapist will allow you to slowly get up and get dressed in privacy. Usually your massage therapist will offer you water after you’re dressed.

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